Spring Lawn Care Tips to Rejuvenate Your Lawn and Boost Turf Growth

Winter weather can be harsh on your lawn. Natural turf can suffer frost burns or get damaged by freezing weather. Therefore, spring is the perfect season for you to care for your lawn and allow it to self-repair. Proper lawn care can rejuvenate winter-damaged turf, boost growth, and increase the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Therefore, check out these spring lawn care tips to restore your lawn. Aerate the Lawn to Improve Soil Porosity

How Do You Know You Need a New Chimney Liner?

Chimneys are usually constructed with either a ceramic or metal liner on the inside. This liner is designed to keep the chimney well-sealed to prevent water from leaking in, and to ensure the fumes flow properly out of the top of the chimney. From time to time, however, chimney liners do break and need to be replaced. How do you know your chimney liner needs to be replaced? Here are some key signs you need to contact a chimney service about this problem.