Improve Your Kitchen's Looks Through Cabinet Refacing

If your kitchen is an eyesore, it's likely due to your old cabinets. Old cabinets always make a kitchen look dated and old, but what can you do? You could live with the old cabinets and try to ignore them or replace them. However, replacing them is expensive. There is one other option to consider: refacing them. Have you heard of cabinet refacing? Keep reading this guide to learn more about cabinet refacing and how it makes a kitchen look drastically better.

Cabinet refacing requires using some cabinet parts

Your current cabinets may or may not be suitable for cabinet refacing. It all depends on your cabinet bones. The bones refer to the cabinet structures attached to the walls. So do your cabinets have good bones? Fortunately, older cabinets often have great bones due to the quality craftsmanship used to make cabinets decades ago. If you find that your cabinets are good structurally, you can probably use cabinet refacing. You can learn more about this by contacting a remodeling contractor. They can look at your cabinets to determine if you can reface them.

It requires buying new fronts

So cabinet refacing requires using the cabinet bones, but the second part requires buying new fronts. The fronts are what you see when you look at your cabinets and include the cabinet doors and drawers. Cabinet refacing is a process that removes these parts and replaces them with new ones. As a result, your kitchen will look completely different after using cabinet refacing.

It takes time but costs less

The process of cabinet refacing costs less but takes some time. First, the contractor removes all the hardware, drawers, and doors. The contractor throws these away, as you won't reuse them during cabinet refacing. Next, they sand and refinish the cabinet bones to match the new doors you choose for the project. After doing that, they install the new doors and hardware. This process might take one week or longer, but the contractor won't begin until you select and order the new cabinet doors. They must have these in possession before beginning the job.

How to learn more about cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing provides a brand-new look for your kitchen without spending as much money. Are you interested in learning more about this process and its costs? If so, contact a remodeling contractor and tell them you'd like to learn more about refacing your kitchen cabinets.