5 Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are a problem no one ever wants to deal with, but acting quickly to stem an infestation is a must if you suspect the pests have entered your home. Knowing the signs of bed bugs can ensure you get help as soon as possible. 

1. Stained Sheets

Bed bugs will leave feces behind in your bed, and their feces is predominantly made up of the blood upon which they feed. You will find these dark reddish-brown stains on sheets and pillowcases. The stains will look similar to a marker stain, with edges that bleed into the fabric. Stains tend to be relatively small, usually smaller than the pinky nail on your finger.

2. Dry Flakes

Like all bugs, bed bugs molt their exoskeletons fairly regularly. These molts will be left behind in the bed where they live and feed. You may also find them under rugs or along the baseboards — two other common hiding places for these pests. The molts are translucent and allow light through. They have a roughly ovoid shape and tend to be a light reddish-brown in color. 

3. Musty Odors

The pests also release their own odor, which is a combination of pheromones and their feces. It has a slightly sweetly-sour musty odor, similar to damp towels that have begun to mildew. In a bad infestation, the odor can be strong enough to permeate an entire room. In a less severe infestation, the odor may only be noticeable when you press your nose into the bed or pillow. 

4. Mattress Spotting

Check your mattress carefully each time you strip of the sheets. First, you want to check for the same stains that can be found on sheets, as was mentioned above. It's also a good idea to look along the seams on the edges of the mattresses, as this is an area in the bed that the pests like to congregate when they are shying away from sunlight during the day. You may see the small dark oval shapes of their bodies along these little crevices.

5. Bite Marks

The most obvious symptom of a bed bug infestation is bites. The bites tend to itch terribly, and they can be on any part of the body. Bed bug bites form as small red bumps, and they tend to appear in uneven lines or clusters. This is because the pests bite several times, moving in a rough line as they feed. 

Contact bed bug control service if you suspect the pests have infested your home.