Choosing A New Washer For Your Home's Laundry Room

Your home's washer is one of the most used appliances in the house, and it can also be one of the most expensive. Making sure that you are choosing the right washer for your needs will be essential when you are shopping for a new unit for your home.

Determine Whether You Want Stacking Washers And Dryers

Depending on the size of the space that you have for your washer and dryer setup, you may value the option of using washers and dryers that can stack on top of each other. This can significantly reduce the amount of space that you will have to dedicate to the washer and dryer. However, these systems will often have a much lower washing and drying capacity than more traditional units. For this reason, it may be worth having to dedicate more space to the washer and dryer in order to avoid needing a much larger number of loads to clean your laundry.

Review The Load Capacity Of The Washer

The capacity of the washer will be an important factor regardless of the type of system that you choose to buy. However, people will often fail to consider that the capacity of washers that are of a similar size can vary greatly. To avoid accidentally buying a washer that is much too small for your family's needs, you should always review the capacity of these systems rather than assuming that similar washers will have the same capacity. When reviewing these capacity limits, you should keep the average size of laundry load that you will be washing in mind. Otherwise, you may not have an accurate understanding of your normal laundry cleaning needs.

Have The Measurements For The Washer

Choosing a washer and dryer that is too large for the space you want them placed is a mistake that can have dire consequences. Fortunately, measuring the dimensions of your washing area can avoid this problem as you will know the exact amount of space that you have available for your washer and driver. When calculating these measurements, make sure to leave enough room to account for a path that you can take to get to the machines. Furthermore, you may want this path to be slightly larger than normal so that you can easily transport a laundry basket to and from these appliances.

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