Insulation Company Services

There are many uses for insulation – it is primarily used in walls and in attics to maintain the temperature in homes or in businesses. However, it can also be used for plumbing and HVAC pipes and ductwork, as well as other mechanical equipment. It is needed in new construction, but under certain circumstances, there may be a need to install or remove and replace it in a preexisting building or home. 

Regardless of the reason for your need for insulation, it would be beneficial to hire an insulation company to do the installation. There are several types of insulation, and the insulation contractor that is hired will know what type to use for your specific job requirements. There are different 'R' values associated with insulation and other building materials. 'R' Value is basically just how well the product reduces heat flow. The contractor will be able to determine what type of insulation is needed for the job based on the 'R' value that is determined to be needed. 

They will first come to your home for a consultation so an estimate can be determined. With an in-home estimate, they can see where the job will be taking place, what space they are working in, and what specifically is being insulated. Once this task is completed, they will provide an estimate both for the cost of labor and materials, and a time frame in which the job can be done. Beyond the actual installation of the insulation, they will also be able to determine if any additional sealing is needed in the area where the install is occurring. Sealing any points where air is getting into the area will enable the insulation to work more effectively. This applies primarily when sealing walls and attics, but if sealing plumbing pipes against cold, this will help the insulation to work more effectively. 

In properly insulating your home you will be able to reduce energy costs. If insulating walls, attics, or other spaces you will be able to maintain a more constant temperature in the home, thus reducing the use of energy to maintain the temperature. If insulating pipes, ductwork, or other plumbing or HVAC equipment, the mechanical equipment will last much longer and work more efficiently.   

Having a contractor with the knowledge and experience in these areas come in and take care of the work will reduce the costs of maintaining your home or business in the long run. 

For more information, reach out to local insulation services.