Making The Most Of Your Closets In Your Home

Closet space is always at a premium no matter how large your home is, or at least it seems that way. When you have large closets, it does not always make things easier, so finding a way to organize the closets is essential, and if you can add a custom closet organization system, you can choose the layout that works best for you.

Square Footage Is Not The Issue

While in some homes the closets are small, having a huge closet is not the solution to the problem. The closet can be as large as a room, but if it is just a box with a door on it, adding things to the closet still leaves you with little to no organization. Installing some things to help organize that closet is more important than the overall size of the space. 

Many home centers and retailers sell systems that can help, but the best ones are the custom systems that allow you to pick the components you want to add and lock them all together when you install them. These systems range from shelves to drawers, shoe racks, and even spots for jewelry. 

Because they are modular, the systems can adapt to almost any closet space, and you can create a dressing area or a sleek storage area that will help organize everything so that you can find it when you need it.

Custom-Built Closet Organizers

If you want to have a closet organization system in your home, you may want to hire a carpenter that specializes in these kinds of projects. The carpenter can come and measure the space, discuss the options with you, then draw up a plan for you to review. 

Once you have selected all the parts and where you want them, the carpenter can build the organizer into the closet so that it is a permanent part of your closet. If you decide to change something later, it would mean having the carpenter come and do additional work, but a built-in system allows you to have options that you might not find in a pre-built organizer. 

Talk to the carpenter if you are concerned about the system being built-in. They may be able to set it up so that the parts are connected but freestanding, so they can be removed later if needed. The system will need anchoring to the walls or floor, but a good carpenter can create a system to allow removal of the anchors so the organizer can be taken apart or changed as your needs change.