Preventing Mice From Getting Into Your Home

Seeing mice inside your home is unsettling. The first thing you need to do is stop panicking, and then, seek the help of a mice extermination services technician. They will inspect the perimeter of your home to determine how the mice got in and then suggest ways to keep them out. Here are some recommendations that the pest control services professional may suggest, that will keep mice and other small rodents from entering your home.

Seal And Set

Your pest control specialist will assess your property for holes and cracks. Mice can fit through small holes in your masonry and foundation. The exterminator will suggest that you seal openings, fissures, and large cracks. The best way to seal openings is with caulk or pieces of steel wool. Never attempt to seal openings with newspaper, plastic wrap, or wood because mice can chew right through them.

In addition to sealing cracks and holes, the exterminator will recommend that you set traps inside your home in case an errant mouse manages to gain access in spite of your sealing efforts. The pest control technician will tell you where to place the traps, and will also discuss different types of mouse traps with you so that you can determine which type is most suitable for your individual needs as a homeowner. 

Consider A Cat

Mice are afraid of the scent of cats because cats have a special protein in their saliva, which triggers an unpleasant reaction in mice. While mice don't have sharp eyesight, they have a remarkable sense of smell. Because of this, they can sense the presence of a cat, even if the cat is inside the house. Always keep your cat indoors if there are mice roaming around your property.

Cats can develop parasitic infections and fleas from catching and ingesting mice, and they may also be at risk for catching Lyme Disease from mice. Not only do these conditions threatening the health of your cat, but also the health of you and your family. Even though cats can deter mice from coming around, unless the holes and cracks in your home and foundation are sealed, mice may still get inside. 

If you have a mouse problem, schedule an appointment with a mice extermination service. After a comprehensive inspection of your property, they will recommend a plan of action to help ensure that mice can no longer get inside your home.