Reupholstering That Favorite Chair? 3 Factors To Consider

Finding a comfortable and attractive chair at the right price can be challenging. Therefore, if you have a favorite chair that is showing signs of distress, finding a way to continue using it is smart. Fortunately, reupholstering can help. Of course, most people do not really know how to choose new upholstery for their furniture. This guide will give you a few factors to consider when selecting new upholstery for that favorite old chair.

Time Period

If you want the chair to not only be functional but also timeless, take the time period it was made into consideration when choosing new upholstery.

For example, if it is vintage chair, consider vintage fabrics only. Velvet is a great option for vintage chairs if you want to continue the classic look of this antique piece of furniture while ensuring that it is still comfortable.

For newer chairs, the time period does not necessarily matter since any type of discount upholstery fabric would work.


The function of the chair is also important when selecting its new fabric. Certain fabrics are too gentle to stand up to everyday use while others are meant to be used and abused.

If you do plan to sit and lounge on the chair frequently, opt for the most durable upholstery possible. Burlap can be a great option, especially in rooms with rustic, farmhouse designs.

Microfiber is also a good option for a favorite chair because it stands up well to wear and is easy to clean. Microfiber is also available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to upholster the chair in a style you want and need.

On the other hand, if you are reupholstering an accent chair or decorative piece of furniture, you could get away with using a more gentle fabric, such as linen.


Finally, consider the style you are hoping to achieve when recovering the chair.

Again, burlap can be good for a rustic, farmhouse style. Linen and cotton fabrics in lighter, neutral shades are good options.

If you prefer a modern style, consider a bright and vibrant microfiber or velvet in blue, green, red, or even pink.

Focus on fabrics with geometric shapes and designs if you want to enhance the boho look in a room. Fabrics with floral patterns can also work in a variety of room styles.

Reupholstering that favorite chair is possible. This guide will help you select the right fabric for the chair's period, function, and overall style.