How To Care For Bathroom Countertops Made Of Granite

Granite countertops are just as beautiful in the bathroom as they are in the kitchen. However, the bathroom is a different environment, and the granite will be exposed to different kinds of wear. Taking good care of the countertops in your bathroom keeps your granite clean and shiny and avoids problems with soap scum and stains. Here are some tips for maintaining bathroom countertops made from granite.

Use Holders for Protection

Don't place bottles directly on the granite where they can leave wet rings or soapy drips. Instead, place bottles on an organizer or holder so the holder gets the rings instead of the granite. You could place things on a mirror or a decorative tray for a touch of elegance. Keeping soap and other bottles off of the granite countertop keeps it clean and makes it easier to care for. Also, if you use hot hair styling equipment such as a curling iron, be sure to rest it on a pad or holder of some sort so the heat doesn't cause discoloration of the granite.

Use Granite Cleaning Products Only

You want to avoid using acidic cleaners on granite. The best way to stay safe is to use cleaning products made specifically for granite. You can buy these at a grocery store or hardware store. Use the cleaner a few times each week to keep soap scum, toothpaste, and scale from hard water wiped up. This keeps the debris from accumulating and making the granite ugly. You may also want to use granite polish on a regular schedule so the countertops maintain their shiny luster. Between cleaning the granite with cleaning products, you can wash up stains and spills from soap and makeup as soon as they happen. Also, dry the granite when you're finished so mold won't grow around the faucets and in areas where water collects.

Seal the Granite for Protection

Since bathroom countertops get splashed frequently, be sure the granite is sealed for protection. You may need to do this once a year or so. You can tell if it's time to apply granite sealer by dropping some water on the surface to see if it beads up. If the granite soaks up the water instead of repelling it, it's time to apply sealer again.

In addition, take steps to protect your granite from harsh chemicals from other bathroom and grooming products. For instance, choose mirror and faucet cleaners carefully so you don't accidentally spray acidic cleaner on to the granite when you use it. You may want to cover the countertops if you dye your hair or use other strong hair products at the sink. By taking time to maintain the granite properly, your bathroom countertops will look good for many years and add value to your home.