4 Reasons To Hydro Jet The Sewer Lines Of A Home You Just Purchased

Buying a new home, whether it's your family's first one or just a larger place with more room to grow, should be exciting rather than stressful. There are so many different parts of a home that need inspection before you buy a home, and it's easy to overlook sewer inspection since it requires the cooperation of the seller. Preemptive hydro-jetting arranged to be done before you even move into the home can prevent serious problems from interrupting your enjoyment of your first few weeks in a new house.

Removing the Roots

The former owners of your new home likely just wanted some shade when they planted the trees that surround the structure now. But if they chose any of the popular landscaping trees with overly aggressive roots, there's a good chance that the buried sewage pipes of the home are infiltrated by roots in at least one place. Hydrojetting is often strong enough to remove these roots on their own, but it can also be combined with power rodding to cut away more stubborn tangles before they clog up your pipes and require more expensive repairs.

Clearing Away Grease

You can't be sure what kind of drain use habits the former owners had before you moved into your new home, and it's possible that the owners before them did some damage to the sewage pipes that you'll be dealing with in the future. This is particularly likely due to the fact that it was routine practice to flush cooking oil, grease, and food debris down a sink drain even as recently as a decade ago. Only in the last few years has the word spread about how this leads to expensive and difficult to remove sewer pipe clogs. Hydrojetting removes any residual grease and food residue to give you a clean slate to start with so you're not inheriting the sins of previous residents.

Preventing Major Messes

Why deal with a clog caused by a previous owner just days or weeks after you first move in? Many sellers fail to disclose the early warning signs of a serious sewer blockage, such as backup into the sinks and tubs. Assuming the worst about the condition of pipes in a home you recently purchased saves you from spending more after a big mess alerts you to a problem.

Finding Leaks

Finally, increasing the water pressure in the sewer line to hydro jet it may reveal a leak. You'll notice water seeping up through your yard or into part of your basement, but you shouldn't experience any serious side effects like more damage to the pipes. This is a safe way to catch a leak that will eventually worsen while it's still small enough to repair.

Contact a hydro-jetting sewer line service for more information and assistance.