Awning Care Tips To Help Avoid The Need For Repairs

An awning can be an effective way of providing you with shade while still allowing you to enjoy being outside. Due to an awning being exposed to the elements, it can suffer from a number of problems that will need to be handled.

Protect The Awning Against Wear From Moisture And Sunlight

Some of the more common sources of damage for an awning will be due to the exposure to moisture and intense sunlight. This can contribute to fabric awnings degrading, wood rotting and metal corroding. To prevent these damages from occurring to your awning, you will want to regularly clean it to remove any substances that could trap moisture, and a protective sealant or fabric guard should be applied to it. Otherwise, you may find that your awning may only last a couple of years before needing replacement work.

Service The Motors For Automatic Retractable Awnings

Raising and lowering the awning is one of the more routine tasks that will need to be done, but many people will lack the physical ability to do this, or they may simply want to avoid it. Having an automatic retractable awning can be an excellent solution for this situation. However, the motor that raises and lowers the awning will have to be serviced every year or two if you are to keep it running smoothly. Failure to service an automatic awning motor can result in it suffering extensive damage. For example, the motor may start to run low on lubricant, and this could lead to the motor requiring majors repairs or a total replacement.

Minimize The Risk Of Storm Damage Occurring To The Awning

If you live in an area that will regularly experience storms that produce strong and damaging winds, it may be necessary to take proactive steps to keep the awning safe. For example, if you have a cloth awning, you may want to remove the fabric before the storm arrives as this will limit the risk of the fabric tearing in the high winds. Those with retractable awnings should retract and lock them.

Keeping your awning safe from some routine forms of damage will help to greatly reduce the risk of it needing major repairs. Unfortunately, you may not be aware of the benefits of protecting the awning from sun and moisture damage, servicing the motor for a retractable awning and preventing it from suffering storm damage. After you appreciate the importance of these steps, you will be much better prepared to keep the awning in excellent condition.

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