Make Your Garden Look Picture Perfect

Do you love to entertain your friends and family members in an outdoor garden setting? Perhaps you love to spend alone time with things like a good book or a stack of magazines and letter writing materials as you relax outdoors. Even though fall and winter are upon you, this is still a good time to plan your gardens for spring and summer of 2018. From evaluating your current garden design to looking for decor that will enhance your garden, here are some ideas that might help you to create a garden that looks picture perfect.

Make An Evaluation 

Think of the flowers and other plants that did well in your current garden. Ask yourself questions like ​Do the trees need pruning? or Do I need to refresh the ground cover? Consider how you will protect things like potted plants during freezing weather.Think of things you can buy that will add interest to your gardens.

Plan On Paper

Start by searching gardening magazines and books for ideas. Using colored construction paper, cut out areas that represent parts of your garden. For example, pink circles might designate where rose bushes will be. Keep a file with your written ideas and pictures you cut out of magazines.

Have A Theme

For example, have an angel theme by placing angel statues in strategic places. A fun idea would be to buy animal statuary to put among your plants. Assorted hanging bird houses would be great if you want to attract birds to your gardens. You could even make a pretend fairy habitat with things like tiny fairy furniture under bushes.

Think of adding drama to your gardens by using lots of color in it. For example, establish flower beds for plants like geraniums, rose bushes, zinnias and other colorful plants that grow well in your area. For added interest, combine plants like cactus and other succulents with mosses, ferns and even vegetables like lettuce. Then place rocks and different styles of pots filled with plants in different areas of your gardens.

Think of having a focal point in your garden. For example, a multi-tiered water fountain that you surround with clay birds and with potted plants would be a great focal point. Another good focal point for your picture perfect garden would be to have a wishing well that you surround with colorful flowers. Wind chimes will add pretty music to your gardens. For more information on garden decor for sale, contact a local gardening store.