Simplicity Made Simple: 4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Home into Your Happy Place

If you believe the simple things in life are the best things, you probably want your home to reflect your beliefs. A home that exudes tranquility and peace can be a welcome retreat in a chaotic and loud world. Whether you reside in a tiny apartment in a city or in an old farmhouse in the country, it's easy to transform your living space into a place that's your own personal haven of rest.

Know the difference between simple and sparse

Simple often gets mixed up with sparse, but the two terms can mean entirely different things. A simple home does not have to be a home that lacks décor and design. A well-decorated home can reflect a beautiful simplicity without appearing sparse.

Focus on your favorite room first

Focusing first on the room you love most is a great way to get started when giving your home a makeover. Think about why you chose the room you did. Is it the way the sun shines through a certain window? Is it because the room contains a favorite piece of furniture or your grandma's handmade quilt?

Perhaps your favorite room isn't even in the home you live in now. Maybe you have childhood memories of a favorite room. If so, use that memory to bring the same feeling into a room in your current home when selecting home décor items and furniture.

You will always feel happy in a room surrounded by items that link you to fond memories. For instance, if your childhood bedroom was filled with flowers, lace, and frilly things that made you feel like a princess, using similar items will likely evoke those special feelings again.

Choose quality versus quantity

Since your goal is to create a simple home you love, splurge on a few top-quality items you love rather than numerous inexpensive things. Spend a few hours looking through some online shops that specialize in home décor items. Shopping online typically gives you a greater selection to choose from, and you can visit designer boutiques from the comfort of your home.

When you buy home décor items online, look at the reviews from others. These are often helpful in obtaining information about the actual color of specific home décor items and their quality, since online photos of items can make colors appear darker or lighter.

Get a few must-haves for the simple home

Good lighting is a must. Keep windows uncluttered and open during the daytime. Use sheer curtains. Hang up a few wall sconces with candles to provide ambiance in the evenings. Nothing beats candlelight for creating a peaceful serenity in a room.

Choose neutral and solid colors for sofas and chairs. Save bright and bold colors for pillow cushions, throws, and rugs. Bold designs on large furniture items appear noisy and can be very distracting.

Little touches make big statements. A silk throw can add a simple but elegant feel to a room when draped across a chair. Little treasures add a personal expression to your home. Decorate with objects from your childhood, such as dolls, old trucks, and vintage board games.

Creating a simple home is easy. Think about your happiest places and strive to incorporate them into your home. You will soon have your own happy place that you long to come home to at the end of the day.