4 Ways Your Fireplace Can Be Styled Like A Game Of Thrones Castle

The show "Game of Thrones" is known for many things including great action, surprising plot twists, and interesting characters. Another thing that the television show is know for is great scenery. Whether it's in the Stark castle or another location, the buildings and designs really stand out. Even though "Game of Thrones" takes place in a fictional world, a lot of the set designs and pieces can be found through antique designs. If you're looking for an upgrade to your fireplace, then there are a number of features you can look for when it comes to the mantel. Learning about these specific features will help you plan out the ideal fireplace.

Iron Cast Mantels

Whether it's the Iron Throne itself or other designs in castles, you can feel inspired by the TV show by looking at antique fireplace mantels. No matter how old these mantels are, they usually hold up pretty well over the years. With a little cleaning and care, they can be restored to as close to their original state as possible.

When choosing an iron cast mantel, there are a number of design elements that you can chose from. In the show, a lot of patterns are used like circles or triangles. Those same types of patterns can be on iron mantels. A mantel design can be made to hang directly above the fireplace or act as a complete frame to go around the whole fireplace opening.

Iron cast mantels may also be mixed with other materials to make the mantel more functional for your home. For example, an iron cast shell may be placed over a mantel made of brick or steel. This will help decrease the weight and cost of the mantel. Once the mantel is in place, you can pair with other iron decorations and designs that are also representative of "Game of Thrones."

Carved Marble

Iron is not the only type of material used in elegant castle designs. Marble offers a very elegant look that represents royalty and has a lot of roots in history. When formed for a mantel, marble is often carved with intricate designs and features that really make them stand out. You can choose designs that feature historical figures, various symbols, or floral patterns. Any one of these designs is very reminiscent of the show and can create a great look for your living room or other fireplace location.

Animal Designs

Another huge part of "Game of Thrones" is the emphasis on animals. This includes both real animals like wolves and fictional animals like dragons. While shopping for fireplace mantels, you can find all types of animal designs. These designs may appear carved right into the mantel or as an attached accent piece. You may also find a lot of symmetrical designs with the mantel. For example, if you find a dragon mantel, one dragon may appear on each side and facing the center of the fireplace. This symmetrical design looks great on the fireplace and adds a nice focal point for the center of the mantel.

Accent Pieces

Another way you find inspired style from "Game of Thrones" is with accent pieces that are attached to mantels. For example, a mantel may feature a decorative iron cast piece across the center of it. You could also find a mantel with an antique sword attached to it. The swords design could be representative of character weapons featured on the show. Additional accent pieces may also have pops of color that are representative to the show. Red, white, and dark blue are a few theme colors associated with various elements of the show. Accent pieces can showcase a variety of these designs and make an ideal display for your home.

Once the mantel is purchased and installed, you can add Game of Thrones memorabilia to the top to add even more designs to your home.