How To Make Customized Home Decor Using Beads

You don't have to be a professional artist to create one-of-a-kind decor pieces for your home using beads. Even if you're an amateur designer just experimenting with crafting, you can create eye-catching wall decorations, holiday items, and even table centerpieces that are boutique-worthy.

When creating decorations that require a lot of beads to complete, it may be more affordable and convenient to purchase them through a wholesale outlet, rather than getting them in small quantities at your local craft store. Wholesale bead retailers, like Mayer Import Co Inc Imitation Stones, will most likely have a larger variety of colors and designs as well. 

Craft beads are available in a range of materials, such as plastic, glass, or shiny metal, so you'll have no problem choosing the ones that fit your home decor needs. Some beads also features hand-painted designs as well, if you're going for an eccentric look.

Here are some decor pieces using beads to consider making:

1. Personalized Picture Frames

In addition to hanging handmade beaded picture frames on your own walls, you can give them to friends and loved ones as thoughtful birthday, holiday, or housewarming gifts. Consider a home's decor style or theme when picking the beads.

For instance, choose green and turquoise glass beads that resemble natural sea glass for a beach-inspired room. Using tweezers and a hot glue gun, attach them all around the perimeter of a plain wood frame, working in neat rows.

As another idea, use beads in pastel-hues of pink, blue, pink, and green to decorate a baby's nursery, or green, gold, and purple beads to create a Mardi Gras-inspired frame. You can also incorporate other small decor elements, such as seashells or flower-shaped buttons, into the pattern for a unique look. 

2. Decorated Candle Holder

If you have boring clear glass candle holders that you don't know what to do with, give them an instant upgrade with beads. Start by applying a thin layer of craft glue to a small area of a square or circular holder, and then apply long glass beads one at a time using tweezers. Work in small sections to prevent the glue from drying too soon. Create an elegant-looking candle holder using silver or glass beads, or give it a more vibrant touch with rainbow-hued beads. 

3. Table Decor

You can give your dining room table a personalized touch without breaking the bank by filling tall, clear cylindrical vases with a mix of large beads and then inserting a few stems of faux flowers into them. As another idea, fill the bottom of a round glass bowl with beads, add water, and then top with floating candles.