3 Ways To Use Lavender To Naturally Keep Moths Away From Your Clothes

If moths attack your wool and linen clothing every time you place them in storage, you may wonder what you have to repel them. If you don't want to use chemicals or smelly moth balls, lavender serves as an effective repellent for small populations of the pests. Below are three ways you can use this aromatic herb that smells pleasant to humans but horrible to moths.

Place Sprigs Of Dried Lavender In The Pockets

One easy way you can take advantage of the moth-repellent properties of lavender is to put dried lavender in the pockets. Simply place one or two sprigs in every pocket.

However, since exposure to direct air can dissipate the fragrance of the lavender, you will need to replace the sprigs at least once a month. Also, the leaves and flowers will eventually fall off the stem and crumble, leaving a small mess in the pockets you will need to clean out before washing or dry cleaning the clothes.

Hang Lavender Sachets On Your Clothes Hangers

An alternative to placing sprigs directly in the pockets is to hang lavender sachets on your clothes hangers. Fill muslin cloth tea bags with dried lavender, then cinch the top with the attached string. Use the string to hang a sachet on each hanger.

While placing the lavender in sachets slows down the dissipation of the fragrance from exposure to air, you will still need to replace the sachets about every month to keep them fresh.

Spray Your Clothes With Lavender Oil Infused Water

If you don't have any dried lavender or don't want to fool with the mess, you can lightly spray your clothes with water infused with lavender oil. To make the infusion, fill a plastic spray bottle with warm water, then add about 10 to 12 drops of lavender oil. Shake vigorously, then let it stand for two or three days. Once time has passed, lightly mist your clothes with the infusion. 

Although the water will evaporate rather quickly, the oil should cling to the fabric. However, do not spray the infusion on leather or suede, as the moisture and oil can stain these fabrics. 

Using one or more of the methods using lavender above can help keep small numbers of moths from damaging your clothes. However, if your closets have a large infestation, you may want to contact an exterminator to discuss available options for getting rid of the bugs and keeping your clothes safe from harm.