Maintenance Tasks That Will Help Your Office Chair Last As Long As Possible

When you need to buy a new chair for your home office, it's a good idea to put ample time into the researching and shopping process to ensure that the products you buy meet the look you wish to achieve and also provide comfort for your employees. Once the chair arrives and you start using it, however, it's time to think about taking steps to ensure that it will last as long as possible. A series of simple maintenance tasks can extend the life of the chair and prevent you from having to replace it prematurely. Here are some tasks that are useful to perform.

Tighten The Hardware

Through regular usage, the hardware in office chairs can eventually get a little loose. This is simply a byproduct of people putting their weight on the chair and shifting their weight around. You can deal with this issue easily by tightening the hardware of your chair. With office chairs, there will be a significant amount of hardware that might require this attention, but the time investment to get the job done is minimal. You'll typically need to use an open-end wrench or an Allen wrench. Look for hardware beneath the seat, around the armrests and on the back support.

Disinfect The Seat

If your office chair has a fabric seat cushion, which is common, it's useful to disinfect the seats occasionally. It might not be something that you want to think about, but the chairs of people who sit for long stretches of time and are prolific sweaters can actually begin to smell poorly. This is especially a concern in a small home office, as you don't want any emerging smells to be apparent when you entertain clients. Use a disinfectant spray to treat the cushions; this spray will kill the bacteria that are contributing to any scents.

Lubricate The Wheels

Over time, the wheels of your office chair can gather dust that can slow down their ability to roll smoothly. This is especially the case if the chair is positioned on a carpeted floor, given the ease with which the carpet fibers can clog the wheels. The simple solution to this issue is to lubricate the wheels, which you can do with a lubricating spray. Simply flip over the chair, spray the substance as close to the axle of each wheel as you can and wipe any excess spray away with a paper towel. Give the chair a bit of a roll to allow the fluid to soak in, and repeat the process if necessary.

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