Have An Outdated And Unused Basement Fireplace? How To Update It Fast

If your house has an old real fireplace in the basement that doesn't work, and you want to use it but you don't want the hassles that can come with a real fireplace, you'll want to see what you can do to convert the fireplace to gas. A fireplace in the home can help with heat and add value to the property, and it's a great modern feature that you can enjoy when you lounge or entertain. Here are a few of the things you want to look into to see if the fireplace transition will work for you.

Have a Gas Insert Installed

Pick out a new gas model fireplace from an online retailer and have it delivered to be installed. If you know you don't want to cut and store wood and worry about cleaning up the mess that can come with a real fire, you want to choose a gas insert mode and make the change. You can control the gas model with a remote or wall switch at any time with ease and without having to struggle to get the fire going on your own.

Get a Decorative Mantle

Have a tile professional come and add stone, brick, tiles, or another material around the fireplace. You can make the fireplace and the mantle look like it was original to the home, and you can make it a focal point in the home. Talk with a masonry professional or home contractor to make the change, and see what will look best with the style of your home.

Get Insured

Be sure you notify the insurance company that you are adding a new fireplace to your home. The old fireplace may have been a safety hazard, or the insurance company may not know that you plan on using the gas fireplace. You want to be sure you are covered for anything that could come up or happen because of the fire.

You don't need to have an old dingy fireplace that you leave unkept or covered in the basement, and instead you want to try to renew the fireplace and get use out of it. There are a lot of different ways that you can get a great, useful fireplace that looks stylish and modern and that also is warm and comfy to curl up next to when the weather is chilly. These tips can get you started to make the change. For more information, check out an online fireplace store like Jack Coan.