Three Ideas For Storing Your Craft Items More Efficiently

Any avid crafter knows the annoyance of having too many materials and too little storage. It is hard to keep your projects organized when they keep getting mixed up and strewn together. Lucky for you, there are many easy do-it-yourself storage tricks you can utilize and re-create an entire new craft room that is organized and easier to access.


Ribbons can be used to make hair bows, headbands, custom wrapping, and much more. They come in a lot of fun colors and designs which makes buying them addictive. If you need a solution to organizing your piles of ribbons, try a paper towel holder. Most ribbon containers have a hole in the middle which is roughly the same size as the paper towel roll would be. Simply stack the ribbons on top of each other and pull the end of whichever ribbon you need to use for your craft project.


Fabric is another craft item that is very easy to become addicted to buying because of all the amazing designs. However, it is a lot more bulky than ribbons so it takes up a lot of space and can become quite a mess if it is not handled properly. A good way to organize your fabric is the use of a file cabinet. You will need to cut a piece of cardboard the width and height of the file drawer for each piece of fabric you want to store. Wrap the fabric tightly around the cardboard and "file" it in the drawer.


If you enjoy knitting or crochet, you most likely have a decent stash of yarn in your craft room. To avoid a tangled mess of it, you should utilize a way of storing it that ensures the colors do not become knotted together. You can do this using a cheap wine rack. New skeins of yarn are the same width as a bottle of wine, so they will fit nicely in each slot. This also allows you to view each skein individually and find the color you are looking for quicker.


There are many fun ideas you can use to create your dream craft room. Many crafters have a good imagination and can design their own unique touch for any of these ideas previously mentioned as well. Don't be afraid to take any of them one step further so they reflect your own personal touch. For more information, visit